13 Jan 2023


One of our longest-serving team members, Phytoo is well-known in the office for his knack of finding the comfiest lap to snuggle up on – that is, when he isn't busy putting his paws all over important paperwork!  As science has shown, cats like to sit on squares, and it seems that Phytoo is no exception to this rule.  Always ready with a friendly miaow (usually because he wants feeding), Phytoo has cemented his place

8 Apr 2020

When Anouska Hempel Met Monsieur George In Paris

Words by Rosalind Milani Gallieni The Bar at Monsieur George, designed by Anouska Hempel (image courtesy of Gaelle Le Boulicaut) “When you wander along Rue Washington, you suddenly come across the glorious, gorgeous, sensational, extraordinary Monsieur George. Top hat and tails, feathers from beyond, a twinkling fantasy of a bohemian rhapsody in deepest, darkest green. Coco Chanel resided within this setting. Mata Hari had her heyday here. Gregory Peck left his Brasserie, Les Deux Magots,