Welcome to a new golden age of air travel with the bio-regulatory, all-natural, revolutionary answer to jet lag. Don’t take the time zone hit: take Jet Candy.

It’s a familiar story regardless of what direction you turn when boarding your flight, and how restrained you are with the in-flight martinis. Board in London, land at JFK, crash mid-way through your Italian supper at Sant Ambroeus in New York’s Broadway, or a late night at Nomad. Now there’s a new way to reset your body clock and go the distance that doesn’t involve harsh prescription medication. A select clique of time-poor, travel-weary fliers has been in the know, and using the Jet Candy formula with great success. From the high demand, the business idea was developed: after 10 years of supplying this very niche audience with the secret to happy long-haul travel without jet lag, Jet Candy Plane Remedy is here to stay.

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