Co-founded by architect and superyacht interior designer Francesca Muzio in 2010, FM Architettura was born from her extensive work on no less than 112 of the most prestigious superyachts in the world. Her role as Creative Director of the Interior Design Department of the CRN and the Custom Line Ferretti-Group brought her considerable responsibilities, managing projects in over 20 countries.
Today FM Architettura is based in Ancona in the region of Le Marche, where they enjoy being at the heart of Italian craftsmanship, working more than 200 local artisans who are the finest in the country for their work with leather, glass, timber, metals and textiles – all elements incorporated in the interior design projects and custom furniture.
The newest asset to the business is the all-new FM Home concept recently opened in Brera, in the heart of Milan’s design district. This is where the magic happens: in a space created and designed to live, entertain, work and discover the grace and elegance of the brands’ unique materials, handmade furniture and bespoke interiors.
FM Architettura is a world leader in the field of interior design, dedicated to continually raising the bar of their superb projects. The studio has built its globally recognised and well-deserved reputation since 2010 by ensuring each project undertaken encapsulates the beauty of Italian craftsmanship, and the functionality of a well-designed space.
From the very start of FM Architettura, the scope and size of the project-work undertaken has got progressively bigger. The studio has worked on many prestigious collaborations, making them renowned for their interior designs for superyachts, private mansions, high-end residential towers and iconic luxury hotels. Each project is managed with the same high standard of care and attention in every detail, a signature for which FM Architettura has become universally recognised.
Effortless elegance, authenticity, comfort, craftsmanship, harmony and the very best quality in every detail – these are just some of the key pillars that make FM Architettura masters of bespoke interiors.

Photo credit: FM Architettura | Interior design concept for M/Y NJORD.