Marc O’Flaherty, Editor-in-Chief at Civilian

Marc O’Flaherty


Marc O’Flaherty, Editor-in-Chief at Civilian and Writer for FT How To Spend It, The Sunday Times and The Guardian

“I’d count RMG as one of the five PRs whose opinion I will always listen to in London. She’s put topics on my radar that I wasn’t aware of, and helped turn them into extensive in-depth stories – primarily for my pages at the Financial Times How To Spend It and also for Civilian. I’m always interested in what she’s representing as I know she only works with quality clients that have an interesting story to tell. I’ve never felt ‘sold to’ by Ros, and uniquely, I always get the quotes and details I need when I’m working on a story, while other PRs just leave me high and dry when a deadline is looming.”