Andrea Penzo, General Manager of Hotel Heureka in Venice

Andrea Penzo

Andrea Penzo, General Manager of Hotel Heureka in Venice

“Thanks to the great work and passion of Rosalind, Gilda and their respective teams, Hotel Heureka had the opportunity to be featured in numerous international and national media titles.

RMG understood immediately the style and type of message that we wanted to communicate, highlighting both the USP of the hotel and our company philosophy.

RMG has been of great help in suggesting packages for our guests, creating content and adding value ​​to the hotel’s offering. Particularly successful was the initiative that saw the exhibitions of Tintoretto in Venice as a highlight of the year, and we were able to create interest around Hotel Heureka in particular and the Cannaregio area in general, as a secret place to discover in Venice.

All the press trips were organised in detail, creating a program of interesting and engaging activities, enabling journalists to enjoy niche experiences that highlighted a different side of Venice. Many of the resulting articles had a direct impact on the hotel’s revenue.

Particularly appreciated was the passion and sincere pleasure RMG took in promoting Hotel Heureka to the media and other travel professionals.

I would also point out how important this partnership was for my own professional growth and development. I had a great opportunity to learn many aspects about public relations and media management, and observed first-hand how important proactive PR activities are for a company.”