L’Arte Profumatoria Venezia

The Merchant of Venice is a luxury fragrance brand founded in Venice in 2013 by the Vidal family, who have been operating in the international perfume industry for more than a century.
The brand represents the Venetian art of perfumery, recalling the roles that its forefathers and the city had in the history of perfume. La Serenissma is a very important landmark for The Merchant of Venice, as it is at the heart of the Spice Route and hence a melting pot of fragrances, spices, aromas and traditions.
The Merchant of Venice carries a wide range of exclusive products such as perfume, eau de parfums, bathroom amenities, and Murano glass perfume bottles and lanterns; all of which showcase their expertise and craftsmanship, working on their products with Venetian artisans such as Battiloro, Arturo Ricci and Nason Moretti.
Think amber, bergamot, blue tea, cedar wood, freesia, musk, nutmeg, orange, patchouli, pink peppercorns, rose, saffron, and vetiver….

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